Locksmith Prices

If you’ve been locked out of your home or car, a professional locksmith can help you to regain access. Depending on the key type, lock, time of day and location, locksmith fees prices vary from R500 to R3500.

Locksmiths can cut new keys, repair broken locks and make new car transponders and remotes. 

Below is a useful table with the average cost of locksmith services:

Average Locksmith Prices  

Locksmith Services Price ListMinimum Maximum
Auto LockoutR500R1500
House LockoutR500R1500
Car key replacement with new remote and programming (no transponder) R1500R2500
Car key replacement plus new transponderR2000R3500
Car key replacement (no transponder)R850R2000
Car key replacement (including coding & new remote)R2300R4500
Car key replacement (includes coding & remote)R1500R2500
Smart car key replacementR2000R3500
Repair of key stuck in lockR650R1000
General door key replacementR500R700

What Determines the Price of a Locksmith?

The price of locksmith services depends on various factors:

  • How far the locksmith must travel to you
  • Brand of your lock
  • Time of day
  • Type of day (eg. weekday, public holiday, weekend)
  • Special equipment used
  • Labour involved
  • Time taken to repair lock and cut new keys

Independent locksmiths generally charge less than larger locksmith businesses, and Pretoria and Johannesburg locksmiths tend to be slightly more expensive than Durban, Bloemfontein and Cape Town locksmith professionals. 

Car Locksmith Call-Out Fees

Locked out of your car or lost your car keys? A locksmith can easily gain access into your car or replace your car key, remote or smart key. 

Car locksmith call-out fees will depend on where your car is located, how far the locksmith must travel and if any special equipment is needed. 

You can expect to pay between R 500 to R 4500 for a car locksmith, depending on the type of key to be replaced. New smart keys, transponders and remotes cost more than simply replacing a car key. 

General Locksmith Costs

General locksmith costs refer to the replacement of regular door keys and lock repairs. 

If you’ve lost your house keys, a professional locksmith can easily make new keys for you. 

Replacing normal door keys ranges from R500 to R700. If the key is stuck in the lock or you want the lock replaced, the price ranges from R650 to R1000. 

It’s always a good idea to replace your door locks if you’ve moved into a new house and a professional locksmith can help with this. 

Emergency Locksmith Prices

Emergency locksmith prices come into effect after hours and are higher than locksmith fees during normal office hours (8am to 5pm). 

You can expect to pay emergency locksmith prices when:

  • It is a public holiday or the weekend
  • You need a locksmith after hours 
  • Urgent locksmith services are needed

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